States and Places

All 50 State are available as Ornaments, Magnets, Coasters, and Trivets! Some states will not be functional as coasters because of their shape (think California and Florida)

Scroll down to see additional places available as Ornaments, Magnets, Coasters, and Trivets. Including Adirondack Park, Catalina Island, Ireland, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Tahoe, Mount Desert Island, Martha’s Vineyard, Washington D.C., USA, and more coming soon! We love new places – Email for special requests!

Hawaiian Islands

Also available: Big Island, and Oahu

All 50 States

All 50 states available as Coasters, Magnets, Ornaments, and Trivets

Adirondack Park

Catalina Island


Lake Michigan

Lake Superior

More images coming soon!