Wedding Registries

Thank you for considering a wedding registry with Dock 6 Pottery! 

It’s such a personal decision!  Whether you want an entire dinnerware set or just a few pieces, we want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want–dinnerware and serving pieces that reflect your unique style with the quality you deserve. 

We know you’ll be using these pieces for a lifetime and we want you to love every piece!  Since we’re 100% handmade, we can tailor your pieces to fit your unique personality and lifestyle.

Committing to a dinnerware set can be a big and daunting step, so we’d like to make it as easy as possible for you, and to help you in whatever way we can.  You can check out your options either online at or by visiting us in person at our gallery at 4206 E 34th St in Minneapolis.

Once you’re ready to put your registry together:

  1. Make an appointment to visit our gallery by calling 612-327-0429.  Your appointment will be with either Kerry or Mary, and one of us will walk you through every step of the process.
  2. We’ll ask you to pick out the pieces you want your guests to buy for you.  You may decide to do a dinnerware set, or just a few pieces of pottery.  Either way, we can make sure to get you set up for exactly what you want.
  3. Once our “IT department” gets your information up on our website, we’ll provide you with a link to give to your guests and/or add to any platform you may be using to streamline your registry process (The Knot, for example.) Check out a few sample listings here!

Pottery is a very tactile experience, so we encourage you to come pick out your pieces in person, but if coming to the gallery is inconvenient for you, you can choose the pieces you want by visiting our regular website or our Etsy page.  Then we can take care of finalizing your order over the phone.

Please contact us at with any questions!