Square & Specialty Shape Coasters

Our best-selling Geode Crackle Coasters can be created in customized color palettes for retailers and/or product seasons. Each coaster has some color variation and that makes them a functional art piece that customers return to over and over again…at a price point ideal for gifts

Geode Crackle Coaster Colors
When placing your order, you may reference either the number or the color name. Wholesale orders can be placed by emailing orders@dock6pottery.com or on the website indieme.com.

Never Fear! Your favorite glazes are still available and listed under the same chart numbers. Check out the newest additions of Ash #46, Black #47 and Red & Copper #48!

While we appreciate that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Dock 6 Pottery holds a copyright on our crackle coaster design. Since our coaster business employs dozens of hard-working people, we are very protective of their livelihood. We WILL seek legal action in cases of infringement. So please don’t be a jerk. This also protects our customers by guaranteeing that they are getting an authentic, Dock 6 Pottery coaster, handmade in  Minnesota, by a bunch of art lovin’ goofballs.

Title 17, United States Code
Crackle Coasters
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