Wholesale Coasters

Wholesale Coasters
Dock 6 Pottery is a Minnesota-based company that produces high-quality, handmade “Geode Crackle Coasters” at high-volume for several national retailers.

The Geode Crackle Coasters have been the number-one selling item in the Tabletop division at Anthropologie for four years, and Better Homes & Gardens featured them as an Editor’s Choice in their Trends for 2014 edition.

The Geode Crackle Coasters can be created in customized color pallets for retailers and/or product seasons. Each coaster has some color variation and that makes them a functional art piece that customers return to over and over again…at a price point ideal for gifts.

More information about ordering can be found here. Samples available on request.

Please email orders@dock6pottery.com with any further questions.

While we appreciate that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Dock 6 Pottery holds a copyright on our “Geode Crackle Coaster” design. Since our coaster business employs dozens of hard-working people, we are very protective of their livelihood. We WILL seek legal action in cases of infringement. So please don’t be a jerk. This also protects our customers by guaranteeing that they are getting an authentic, Dock 6 Pottery Geode Crackle Coaster, handmade in  Minnesota, by a bunch of art lovin’ goofballs.

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