Wholesale Ordering

We offer wholesale pricing to qualified buyers on both our pottery and coasters.

Buyers interested in our full array of pottery, including our very popular coaster line, can place orders by logging on to the free website, IndieMe.com (formerly wholesalecrafts.com.)

You can also place an order by emailing orders@dock6pottery.com. *IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME ORDERING, PLEASE EMAIL US YOUR ZIP CODE FIRST SO WE CAN MAKE SURE WE DON’T HAVE ANY COMPETITORS IN YOUR AREA* (This only applies to pottery, not square coasters.) We’ll then send you a welcome email with our wholesale prices, links, and instructions. You can see samples of our work here: Pottery with Glass, Pottery without Glass, “Your Favorite Place” and our Color Sample pages.

Our coaster line can be ordered in large and small quantities, please click here for more information.

For questions about orders, please email orders@dock6pottery.com

For general questions, please email us at info@dock6pottery.com or call (612) 327-0429.